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Why Pay So Much? Appliance Removal
Affordable Appliance & Scrap Recycling- Dane County, WI
Cheap Scrap Metal Pick Up
Recycle your unwanted
washer and dryers. We'll
pick up your working or
non working washing
machines and driers.
Call for free estimate.
Washer & Dryer
Get rid of your old oven,
stoves, and cook tops.  
We'll pick up and
recycle your old
appliances for a small
fee.  Call today.
Stove Recycling
Recycle your old water
heaters.  Call for cheap
recycling of your old
water heaters,
furnaces, boilers, and
HVAC equipment.
Water Heater Pick Up
Steel, Iron, Copper,
Aluminum, Brass,
Stainless Steel.  Save a
trip to the scrap yard.  
Schedule pick up. At
home or business.
Pay Less- Find a Scrapper! Recycle Today
Appliance, Scrap Metal & Junk Removal Services
Dane, WI 53529
Take Doors Off Fridges & Freezers or Duct Tape
Them Shut Before Setting Outside.
Trap Hazard
'Appliances Must Be Cleaned Out, No Food In Fridges'
'No Metal Items Containing Concrete'
We provide affordable
recycling of your
unwanted appliances.  
We can pick up your old
refrigerators / freezer.
Schedule pick up.
Fridge & Freezer
Pick Up
Need A Scrapper?  We can help clean out your homes & businesses
cheaper.  We provide affordable junk removal, scrap metal recycling,
and moving services for the Dane, WI area.  We can clean out unwanted
junk from your homes, businesses, garages, basements, and sheds.  Ask
about our appliance and scrap metal recycling services!  We offer
cheap removal of appliances, scrap metal, and electronics.    Many
items can be recycled for a small fee.  Call for a free estimate.  Reclaim
your valuable space today.

Junk & Garbage Clean Outs- Augie's Recycling also offers residential &
commercial junk and garbage clean outs for the Dane, WI 53529 area.  
We'll take jobs large or small.  We work with homeowners, businesses,
property management & real estate professionals get rid of their
unwanted junk at an affordable rate.  Call for a free estimate to have
your items removed.
Affordable Junk Removal & Real Estate Clean Outs
Cheap Scrap Metal & Electronics Pick Ups
What We Do With Old Appliances
Cheap Appliance Pick Up
Scrap & Electronics Pick Ups
Appliance Collection Services
Recycle your unwanted
dishwashers and kitchen
appliances.  We'll
recycle all your old
appliances.  Call us to
recycle for a small fee.
Dishwasher Pick Up
Recycle your old
Computers, machines,
and equipment from
homes & businesses.
Computers, servers,
copies, phones & more!
Computer Recycling
We can recycle all of
outdated servers and
computer systems.  
Make room for your new
computer equipment.  
Call to have your old
equipment pick up.
Computer Servers
Commercial & Residential Real Estate Clean Outs
Junk & Real Estate Clean Outs
We'll take jobs large or small.  Call us for a free estimate for your
junk removal needs.  We provide household junk, trash, garbage,
waste, furniture, and rubbish collection.  We can remove the
construction waste from your remodeling projects.

Augie's Recycling does work for many investors in Dane County,
WI area.  We can clean out your apartments, rental, and
foreclosure properties.  We aid realtors, apartment complexes,
banks, and property managers.  We can help get your properties
back on the market.  Call us for waste & recycling pick ups.
Construction Debris Removal - Dane, WI  
-remodeling debris, lumber, scrap wood, Drywall, tile, pallets
Real Estate Clean outs - Dane, WI  
-foreclosure, apartment clean outs, hoarding situations
Household Junk Collection- Dane, WI  
-garbage, clutter, trash, furniture, waste, any unwanted items
Furniture Disposal - Dane, WI  -sofas, dressers, tables,
recliners, mattresses, chairs, shelving, couches.
We'll recycle your old appliances and scrap metal.  Appliances picked
up are recycled or reused.  Some appliances picked are fixed and
reused.  Ones that can't be saved are recycled and sold for scrap.
Tool Recycling - Small engines, yard tools, power tools, motors,
batteries, machines, lawn mowers, riding lawn mowers, saws, drills
Any Metal ! - Ferrous / Non-Ferrous- Steel, Iron, Aluminum, Copper,
Stainless Steel, Brass.  Scrap Iron, Pipes, Wires, Cables
Appliances- Stoves, ovens, washer, dryers, washing machines,
dishwashers, water heaters, fridges, refrigerators, freezer,air conditioning
Construction Recycling-  Water heaters, furnaces, boilers, wires,
pipes, railings, scrap metal, duct work, tools, motors, batteries
Contact us to a arrange a scrap metal or electronics pick
up.  Reclaim your space by getting rid of all your rusted
unwanted metal & electronics from your homes,
businesses, garages, & warehouses Dane, WI 53529 for a
small fee.  Call to request a pick up.
Due To Low Scrap Prices- Min. Scrap Pick Up Fee Is $25
Request Scrap / Appliance Removal
( Call For Estimates To Remove Your Items )
Scrap Metal | Machinery | Electronics Pick Up
Affordable Junk Clean Outs
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