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Demolition / Disassembly Services / Debris Removal
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Residential & Commercial Demolition
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P&K Enterprise factory & business demolition service can
bring new life to unused commercial space. We can
demolish non-load bearing walls and remove any unwanted
debris / equipment from your valuable commercial space.  
We can help prepare your space for reuse.  Use our real
estate clean out services to prepare your property for new
We provide demolition services for Chicagoland homes & businesses.  
We specialize in smaller demolition projects that prepare your
valuable space for remodeling or real estate purposes. By providing
affordable demolition and removal of debris we make reclaiming your
space as easy as possible.

We are not a large scale demolition service.  We don't demo large
buildings or structures.  Our demolition services include smaller demo
projects such as drywall removal, kitchen cabinet removal, shed/fence
disassembly, and removal of (non load bearing) walls.  We'll do the
dirty work so you can move along with your remodeling projects.
P & K Enterprise offers Office Clean-Out Services. Remove
and disassemble cubicles or any interior (non load bearing
walls).  We work for property managers, investors, real
estate agents, and businesses throughout the
Glenview, IL
Can will remove your old
run down shed.  We will
disassemble and remove
the debris from your
property. Reclaim your
backyard today!
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-Assembly Lines
-Equipment Removal
-Pallet Racking
-Steel Structures
-Furniture Removal
-interior Demolition
-Non-Load Bearing
-Divider Removal
-Furniture Removal
Chicago's Affordable Demolition Services
Serving- Glenview, IL 60026
We can help demolish your home's interior or exterior.  
We'll get your space ready for future remodeling projects.
We provide affordable demo and debris removal.
Commercial Space
Shed Removal
Make room for your new
deck.  We'll demolish your
old decks and patios. Get
rid of that old eye soar.  
Schedule an
appointment today.
Deck Removal
Office / Retail Space
Take down your unsightly
fence. We'll demolish
your old fencing.  We can
disassemble and remove
the debris from your yard.  
Clean your yard today.  
Fence Removal
Remove your un-used
backyard playground
equipment.  We'll take
apart and dispose of old
slide and swing sets.  
Residential demo services
Playground Removal
Remove any unwanted
(non-load bearing) walls.
Start your remodeling
projects taking down wall
to open your valuable
space.  We can take them
down and haul the debris.
Wall Removal
Factory Demolition- Equipment Disassembly
Call today for dependable dismantlement and demolition
services for your factory, office or business. Serving-
Glenview, IL 60018
We make the process of removing your office junk
hassle-free. We'll finish your project efficiently, and at a
reasonable price. Contact us today to get started!
In the event of fire damage or excessive flooding we can help
you clean up after.  We can demolish affected areas and haul
away the debris.  Kitchen fires and flooded basements
Commercial Demolition Projects
Flood & Fire Damage Clean Outs
Our real estate clean out services assist property managers and
commercial clients remove unwanted structures.  Call today for
dependable demolition and dismantlement services for your business,
office, factory, warehouse, or retail space. Serving-
Glenview, IL

Cleaning out commercial properties can increase the resale value of
your properties.  A cleaned out rental property will be more appealing
to future tenants.  Our commercial demo services can transform your
commercial real estate space into a place that will attract more
clients.  We can remove and disassemble any unwanted equipment or
(non load bearing) walls.  An opened up space will attract more
potential businesses.

Free Scrap Metal Recycling Services- Many items in industrial and
commercial properties can be recycled. Pallet racking, steel
structures, large amounts of scrap steel can be recycled. Easily
accessible scrap metal may be picked up for free.  
(Must be
disassembled & easily accessible and ready for pick up.) Call us
for details
Glenview, IL 60026
Disaster Clean Up - Flood & Fire Damage
Even if you do not live near a body of water, you can still have
a flooded area in your home. Broken water pipes, broken
sumps, and rain downpours can cause damaged floors, walls,
furniture, and possessions. Flooded homes are devastating, we
can help you clean up.  
Flood Damage
Fire Damage
If smoke damage & fire damage has ruined parts of your home
or business,  We can help clean up your property making it
ready for final restoration.  We'll remove fire affected drywall,  
carpet, furniture, and any other affected items.