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Scrap Metal & Electronics, Computer & Pick Ups
- & Affordable Junk Removal Services- Kenosha County, WI
Kenosha County, WI  
We recycle all types of
metals & equipment:  Ferrous
/ Non-Ferrous Metals-
iron,aluminum, copper, steel,
stainless steel, brass, pipes,
wiring + more.  Don't go to
the scrap yard.  We pick up.
Recycling outdated
appliances from your home
or business.  We Recycle:
washer, dryers, stoves,  
freezers, refrigerators +
more.  Items that contain
refrigerants there's a charge.
Kitchen & Food Service
Looking For Computer & Electronics Recycling?  We can pick up your
unused electronics and computer equipment.  Call for details about our
recycling services.  Many of your items can be picked for free(large loads) -
If you only have a small amount there may be a small charge for removal.  
Call to find out if your items are available for a free pick up.  If you make it
worthwhile we'll pick up your items for free.  We provide & machinery,
electronics, & computer recycling for Kenosha County, WI.  Clean out your
homes and businesses for less.  Reclaim your valuable space in your
homes, office buildings, factory, manufacturing, and warehousing
facilities.  Call for details on which items we will or will not pick up for free.  
Please have items easily accessible.

Do You Need Junk & Real Estate Clean Outs?  Call to remove your junk
and garbage from your properties in Kenosha County, WI  Whether you
have just a few items or if you need a large property cleaned out.  We take
jobs small and large.  We work for Kenosha County homeowners, real estate
agents, bankers, & property management companies.  Request a free
estimates for junk, electronics, and scrap metal disposal services.
Machine & Electronics Recycling
Scrap Metal & Machinery Pick Up
Electronics & Computer Equipment
Computer / Lap Tops
Clean out manufacturing,
office building, factories, and
warehousing business.  We
provide recycling of outdated
computer servers, power
supplies, communication
equipment, USBs, and more.
Servers & Office Machines
Why throw out unwanted
copper wires and electrical
cords.  We'll recycle them for
you.  Recycle computer,
chargers, stereo, electronics,
power strips, wires, & cables.  
Recycle with electronics.
Electronics Cord & Wires
Machinery Recycling
We'll pick up and recycle old
equipment from your factory,
office, manufacturing
business, medical clinics,
and doctor's offices.  Make
room in your storage areas.  
Tell us what you have..
We'll pick up outdated
computers, lap tops, tablets
desktop, ipads and more.  
Clear out homes, businesses,
and offices of old electronics.  
Schedule pick up of old
computers & servers.
Got used tools and yard
machines in your garage?
Recycle unwanted power
tools & motors: chain saws,
lawn mowers, snow blowers,
saws, drills, power tools,
small engines + more.  
Power & Yard Tool
Need unwanted scrap metal or electronics removed?  
Contact us to remove old machinery and equipment from
your home or business.  We'll pick up & dispose: scrap metal,
appliances, used tools, electronics and old machinery.  
Save money by recycling many items.  Many items can be
picked up for free or for a small fee.
We'll remove your working or
non working batteries and
computer power supply
equipment.  Request a pick
up of battery, USB, power
supplies, transformers, and
other electronics.
Battery Recycling &
Power Supplies
Residential & Commercial - Property Clean Outs
Junk & Real Estate Clean Outs
We serve Kenosha County, WI   residential and commercial customers.  
Save time finding and hauling items to a drop off location or a recycling
center.  We'll pick up from your home or business.
What Do We Do With Your Electronics?
Items that cannot be salvaged will be recycled at the correct recycling
center location.  Items that work or can be repaired may be resold and
Electronics & Computer Recycling
Listed are some of the computer and electronics equipment we pick up:  
computers, servers, home entertainment equipment, photocopiers, lap
tops, PCs, tablets, stereo equipment, cell phones, printers, medical
equipment, wires, machines, DVD players + more.  Larger amounts of
equipment and computers may be available for a free pick up.  If you
have a small amount there may be a small fee.  Call for details.
Free Pick Ups Depend On What Items You Need Picked Up & Current Scrap Metal Prices
Televisions , Computer Monitors & Printers theres is a charge
Have Outdated TVs and
Monitors?  We can pick them
up for you.  What we charge
for television and computer
monitor removals depends
on size, weight, and location
of your TV.  Call for a free
estimate to remove your TV
and computer monitors.
Make room in your homes and businesses.  Remove your junk,
waste, furniture, garbage, trash, and rubbish from your properties.  
We can clean out junk and trash cheaper than the competition.   
Call us for free estimates to clean out: homes, commercial
properties, rentals, foreclosures, and apartment complexes in the
Kenosha County, WI area.  Got A Remodeling Project?  We
provide construction waste disposal for all your remodeling
projects. Call for free estimates.
You don't need to drop off computer &
electronics equipment at a local recycling
center.  We can pick up your items for you.
Offering free pick ups for large loads of
scrap metal, computers, & electronics.
No Need To Go To Recycling Center!
Kenosha County, WI- Home Electronics: home
entertainment equipment, surround sound, stereo
equipment, speakers, Television & computer monitors
there's a charge.
Kenosha County, WI- Computer Equipment: lap
tops,pcs, tablet, desktop, ipad, computer disposal.
Kenosha County, WI- Stereo Equipment- receivers,
stereos, speakers, turntables, cd players, instruments.
Kenosha County, WI- Office Machinery: computers,
pcs, servers, USB's, battery back ups, power supplies.
Theres is a charge For Televisions & Computer Monitors
Scrap Metal Recycling
Free Machinery, Computer Equipment, & Electronics Pick Up(Larger Loads) Smaller Pick Ups There May Be A Small Fee
Need Electronics & Computers Picked Up?
Machinery, Computer, & Electronics Recycling
Kenosha County, WI
Television  Removal
Kenosha County, WI