Used Appliance Removal / Recycling / Disposal Service Lowell, IN 46356
Serving Lowell, IN
Lowell- IN -Appliance Pick Up
Appliance Removal: Stove, Washer, Dryer, Ovens
Lowell- IN- Washer Removal
Free Washing Machine Recycling / Disposal
Lowell- IN- Stove Recycling-
Free Stove Recycling / Disposal
Lowell- IN -Dryer Pick Up
Free Gas / Electric Dryer Recycling / Disposal
Free Appliance Pickup.  Just get it
outside and we'll do the rest.  We'll
Haul most old Appliances for Free.
Lowell, IN 46356 Appliance Disposal
Free Appliance
collection services.  
Recycle your old
Stove/Oven.  Call or
Email us  to
Request a pick up.
Fridge / Freezer Pick
Up.  There is a $25
Charge for
Refrigerators /
Freezer Removal
Get rid of your used
Washer / Dryers.  
Reclaim your space
without emptying
your wallet.  Free
Recycling Services
Why Pay? Phone or Email us for a Free
Appliance pickup.  Just get it outside or have
easy access to it (garage). We'll Haul most of
your old Appliances for Free.  Reclaim your
space by cleaning out your unwanted Used
Appliances from your Homes and Businesses.
Recycle Unwanted Appliances !
Schedule Today
Fridge / Freezer
Stove Pick Up
Washer / Dryers
Get rid of your used
Dishwasher.  For
Free!  Schedule your
Free  pick up.  Save a
trip to the scrap yard.
Take Doors Off Fridges & Freezers or Duct
Tape Them Shut Before Setting Outside.
Trap Hazard
Let us remove all your unwanted Appliances.  Working or Non-Working.  
We specialize in Free Appliance Removal and Recycling.
P & K
offers fast and reliable Appliance Removal / Hauling and
Disposal for the
Lowell, IN 46356  area. We work with all of the towns
and communities in
Lake County, Indiana.  We provide pickup services
for used Appliances: Stoves, Ovens, Washers, Dryers and Dishwasher
Removal.  All you have to do is get it outside or have easy access to it,  
and we'll do the rest.  Fridges / Freezers there is a $25 charge Schedule
your pick up today.
Reclaim your Space Today!
Why Pay? - Free Recycling Pick Up Services
Free Appliance Removal- Lowell, IN
Save a trip to the Scrap Yard. It's Free !
We serve  Lowell, IN 46356  Homeowners, Businesses, Realtors,
Property Managers and Contractors.
 P & K Enterprise is committed to
providing customers with friendly, free collection of your unwanted
Appliances:  Stoves, Ovens, Dishwashers, Washer, and Dryers. Fridges
and Freezers theres is a $25 charge.  Call or email us with your
Appliance Removal requests.  
Save a trip to the scrap yard.  We have the truck and muscle to recycle
your old appliances. All Appliances are Recycled or Reused.  Some
Appliances picked up are fixed and reused.   Appliances that cannot
be saved are recycled and sold for scrap.
Sorry Refrigerators / Fridge / Freezers there is a $25 Charge
Not Free but...
Affordable Fridge Freezer Removal
Used Appliance Removal
Lowell, IN
Request a Free Scrap Metal Pick Up
Free Appliance / Scrap Metal Pick Up.
Affordable Junk Removal
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