Free Electronics Equipment Pickup.  
Don't waste time and gas try to find a
recycling center drop off location.  
We pick up all year round.
Reclaim your valuable space by recycling your old electronic
equipment.   Commercial and Residential electronics recycling
R&J Recycling provides free electronics disposal for the
Wayne, WI Wayne
area. Free pickup services for outdated Electronics:
cell phones, and Much More,  Free Electronics Equipment Pick Up.  
Schedule today.
Why drop them off?  We'll pick them up !
Electronics Recycling Pick Up Services
Free Electronics Pick Up- Wayne, WI
Save a trip to the Scrap Yard!
We serve  Wayne, WI   Wisconsin Commercial / Residential-
Homeowners, Businesses, Realtors, Property Managers and
 R&J Recycling is committed to providing customers
with friendly, free collection of your unwanted electronics.  Save time
and gas trying to locate a local drop off center location.
Get rid old Computer
Equipment Free!
Schedule your Free
Computer pick up.  (1
Monitor per computer
is Free.)
Get rid of your
unwanted electronics
wires, cables, power
strips, chargers.   
We'll recycle all your
unused  wires for you.
We can recycle all of
outdated servers,
battery back ups,
power supplies,
wire, cables,
printers, copiers
Computer Recycling
Office Equipment
Electronics Cables
Washington County, WI  Electronics Recycling Pick Up
Free Electronics Pick Up
Wayne, WI
Used Electronics such as Computers, PCs, Lap Tops, Stereo Equipment,
Photocopiers, Printers, Fax Machines, Cell Phones, Medical Machinery,
Home Entertainment Equipment, DVD players, wires, and  much more.  
All you have to do is have easy access to it. (or outside)  Its free
Why search for a electronics recycling center drop of location when we
can pick up your equipment for free.  Save a trip to the recycling center
What Do With Your Electronics ?
Basically we're the middleman between you and the scrap yard. Good
working electronics worth something we may resell. All Computers will
be collected and sent to scrap yard for final data destruction. We don't
not resell computers for reuse. Good working electronics worth
something we may resell.
Wayne, WI- Electronics Recycling
Computers, Machines, Copiers, Printers, Stereos
Wayne, WI- Stereo Equipment
Stereos, Receivers, Turntables, DVDs, Speakers
Wayne, WI- Computer Equipment
Servers, Power Supplies, Battery back ups
Wayne, WI- Machine Recycling
Medical Equipment, Factory machines,
Get rid of your
unwanted stereo
equipment.   For Free!  
Receivers, Cd
Players, Turntables,
Tape Decks, Etc...
Stereo Equipment
Get rid of your old
Office / Medical
Equipment.  As long
as there's easy
access.  Schedule a
pick up today.
Machine Removal
Used Electronics Pick Up / Recycling / Disposal Service Wayne, WI   Wisconsin
Why Pay? Why Drop Off? We Pick Up!
Free Electronics Recycling / Collection
Wayne, WI - Home
Monitors with no Computers
  • Monitors-  I'll pick up computer monitors
    for free if it comes with a computer.  If not
    there will be a $5 charge.
There is a charge to pick
up TVs.  The amount of the
charge usually depends
on the size and weight of
the television.  
contact us to determine
how much your TV will
cost to remove.)
TV Removal
Request a Scrap Metal Pick Up
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TVs / Monitors without Computer Towers theres a charge
'Equipment must be easily accessible'
Due to low Scrap Prices- Min Charge For Pick Up Is $20
When Scrap Prices Rise We'll Resume Free Pick Ups as soon as scrap
prices rise. Team Up with Family and Friends!
Updating electronics?  We provide Free Electronics Pick
Ups for Homes & Businesses.  . We'll Haul your old
Computer Equipment for Free. Just get it outside or have
easy access to it Reclaim your space by recycling your
unwanted Used Electronics Systems from your Homes
and Businesses