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Free Electronics & Computer Pick Up
Scrap / Junk Removal Services- Milwaukee County, WI
Waukesha County Electronics Recycling
Ferrous/Non-Ferrous- Steel, Iron, Copper,
Aluminum, Brass, Stainless Steel, and Wire
Recycling.  Save a trip to the scrap yard.  
Schedule pick up.
Why Pay? - Free Business Recycling Services
Electronics, Computer, and Scrap Metal Pick Ups
Milwaukee, WI  
Appliance Removal / Disposal- We
provide recycling services for unwanted
appliances.  We can pick up your old
stoves, washer, and dryers.  Items
containing freon there is a $20 charge.
Got Outdated Electronics And Computer
Equipment?  We can help you clean out unwanted
equipment from your office storerooms, businesses &
homes.  Call us for free electronics, computer, &
scrap metal pick ups for the Milwaukee, WI area.  
Many items at your business can be picked up for
free (large amounts) or for a low fee.  Small
residential pick ups may be charged  small fee.  Have
your old electronics and computer systems recycled
today.  Reclaim your valuable space now.  .
Electronics & Computer Recycling
Clean out your storage.  If
you've updated your
computer systems. We'll
pick up your old servers,  
switches, USBs, and other
Recycle old wiring from
your electronics: wires,
computer cables, power
strips, & chargers.
We'll pick up your unwanted
machines from business,
factory, and manufacturing
company.  Medical machines
from hospitals, clinics,
dentist, & doctor's offices.
We pick up outdated
computer equipment.
Recycle old laptops &
desktop computers from your
business or office for free.
Small residential pick ups
may be charged a low fee.
Tool & Machine Recycling- Recycle your
unwanted old business equipment, power
tools and small engines, lawn mowers, and
power tools.  Schedule a pick up today.  
We Do Not Pick Up TVs
Sorry We Don't Provide Televisions Disposal At this Time
We'll recycle outdated
computer equipment.  
Reclaim space in you offices
and storerooms. Recycle old:
power supplies, batteries,
USB, transformers & switches.
Where Do We Take Your Electronics?
We'll recycle your old scrap & electronics that are
broken and beyond repair to the scrap yard.  Items
that work or worth fixing may be reused.  We do are
best to make sure as many items as possible get
Electronics & Computer Recycling Collection
Why Drop Off?   We can pick up we can pick up old
electronics, business machinery, and computer
equipment.  We'll recycle used electronics such as:
computers, copiers, PCs, lap tops, stereo
equipment, photocopiers, printers, fax machines,
medical machinery, home entertainment equipment,
DVDs, cell phones, and more.  Why search for a
recycling center location.  We can pick them up at
your home or business.  We provide recycling pick
ups for Milwaukee, WI homeowners, Realtors,
manufacturing, factories, property management, and
industrial industries around the Waukesha County
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'Small Residential Pick Ups May Be Charged A Small Fee'
'Equipment Has To Be Easy To Access For A Free Pick Up'
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Free Removals Depend On The Amount &
Current Scrap Metal Prices
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Free Removals Depend On The Amount Of Items You Have & Current Scrap Metal Prices
Free Business Recycling: Computers, Electronics, Tool, & Machinery Pick Ups (Small Residential Pick Ups May Be Charged)
Have a lot of unwanted scrap metal and
machinery?  If you have a large amount
of scrap metal or electronics at your
business.  Many items can be recycled
for free.  Small residential pick ups there
may be a small fee.  Reclaim valuable
space by recycling old tools, appliances,
metal, machines & electronics.
Scrap Metal Pick Ups
Computer Recycling Milwaukee, WI
Machinery Recycling Milwaukee, WI
Equipment Recycling Milwaukee, WI
Wire Recycling Milwaukee, WI
Power Supplies Milwaukee, WI
We make recycling old office
equipment and e-waste easy.  
We provide recycling and
disposal of your outdated
photocopiers, printers,
communication equipment,
computer systems, copiers,
and all electronics.
Recycle Office Equip Milwaukee, WI
Cell Phone Recycling Milwaukee, WI
Free Recycling Pick Ups
Recycle old outdated cell
phones, iphones, ipads,
tablets, gaming systems,
notebooks, laptops and
more.  Call us to recycle all
your unwanted electronics.
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