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Scrap Metal Pick Up / Affordable Junk Removal
Have Junk Filled Properties?  We can
help you clean out.  KR Scrappers offers
Cheap Junk Removal & Free Scrap
Metal / Business Equipment Pick Ups
(large amounts).  Many items you need
removed can be pick
ed  up for free or for
a small fee.  Serving Chicago and
surrounding suburbs.  Schedule a pick up
today.  Free Estimates
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Scrap Metal Pick Up | Business Equipment Recycling
Cheap Junk Removal  
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Take Doors Off Fridges & Freezers or Duct
Tape Them Shut Before Setting Outside.
Trap Hazard
Not Free but... Affordable Junk (Garbage/Trash) Removal-  Cook County & Chicago, IL
Scrap Metal Pick Up
Electronics & Computer
Equipment  Pick Up
Why Pay? Recycle
Why Pay? Recycle Old Equipment & Machinery
Scrap Metal Pick Up & Affordable Junk Removals
Cook County, IL - City of Chicago & Suburbs
Free Appliance, Machinery, & Equipment Pick Up (Larger Loads) Small Loads There May Be A Charge
Free Pick Ups Depend on Current Scrap Metal Prices
Residential | Commercial | Business | Corporate | Food
Services | Retail | Restaurant | Real Estate Clean Outs
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